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Modern Thermal Design is ideal for any project owner to engage one firm to provide design and construction services and be the single point of contact. This process streamlines communication, simplifies the instructions, and results in projects completed on time and under budget.


The engineering teams at Modern Thermal Design have over 100 years of combined experience in every aspect of engineering and extensive project management. As a result, we can coordinate all aspects of the design-build process with our in-house engineering talent to work hand in hand with the contractors, resulting in improved performance, innovation, and cost savings for the project owner.


Design-build services refer to a project delivery method in which a single entity, usually a design-build firm, is responsible for both the design and construction of a project. This is in contrast to the traditional design-bid-build method, where the owner contracts separately with an architect or engineer to design the project and a construction contractor to build it.

Design-build services offer several advantages, including:

  1. Single point of responsibility: With design-build services, the owner only has to deal with a single entity for both the design and construction of the project. This can reduce communication issues and disputes between the designer and the contractor.
  2. Faster project delivery: Because the design and construction teams are working together from the beginning, design-build projects can be completed more quickly than those using the traditional design-bid-build method.
  3. Cost savings: Design-build services can often result in cost savings due to the streamlined process and reduced change orders.
  4. Quality control: With the design-build method, the designer and the contractor are working closely together throughout the project, which can lead to better quality control.

Applications Engineering

Regardless of the type of energy project you are planning, we will provide you with a complete and proven outline of the proven options available to accomplish your project or sustainability goals.  

We have the most extensive array of energy-producing and energy-saving products globally. Our expertise is that we can use various products, processes, and innovations on each project to accomplish the mission. The days of one-size-fits are long gone. Instead, each client draws on our broad experience to see and manage the problems ahead.

Asset Management

Once we take an inventory of the equipment and infrastructure already in place, we can design the most efficient and least expensive maintenance option from the initial installation to our subsequent quality control inspections. As energy costs continue to rise, the need for reliable long-term solutions becomes ever more important.


Our sophisticated monitoring also allows us to monitor your system remotely and see any anomalies or areas of concern before they worsen and diminish performance.

Construction Management & Inspection

The adage “measure twice and cut once” also applies to any successful energy upgrade, as the engineering needs to complement the deployed products. Our exhaustive preliminary research on all projects is an invaluable component to the success or failure of a project. Any firm that doesn’t take the time necessary on the front end and planning will undoubtedly find shortcuts in other areas requiring top performance and attention to detail.

We take all our Design/Build projects seriously and usually have someone from our team onsite to be our client’s eyes and ears to ensure things run smoothly and all safety procedures are followed.

Power Engineering & Design

With our broad experience, we can provide expert consulting to any power generation program. Our overall experience allows us to provide expert counsel in the following areas:

  • EV Charging Stations
  • High-Efficiency Boilers
  • UV Thermal Solar Systems
  • PV Solar Systems
  • PTAC Units-Solar Powered
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Hydrogen Electrolyzer
  • Hydrogen Generators
  • Hydrogen Compressors
  • Ice Storage
  • Heat Storage
  • Thermochemical
  • Flow Batteries
  • Linear Generators
  • Waste to Heat Energy Turbines
  • Turbine power Systems
  • Stream Turbines
  • Complete Biogas Systems
  • Creating Water From Air
  • Water Filtration & Treatment
  • Energy Management Systems
  • UV Protection for HVAC / Water
  • High-Efficiency Flow Valves
  • Absorption Chillers

Due Diligence & Consulting

Modern Thermal Design has completed projects for many clients, including Public, Private, Fortune 500, Institutional, Cities, Counties, and States and Federal Governments. These valued clients retained our services to perform due diligence and consulting services for asset management and engineering services to initiate new energy-related projects and public policy initiatives.

Planning & Feasibility Studies

Our role in the planning and feasibility process is unique. Our clients rely on us for a carefully crafted set of engineering schematics, a roadmap to successful execution, or a list of concerns that could be costly if not mitigated on some level. Our presentations are innovative, detailed, and thorough, from breaking ground to the ribbon cutting.

Project Management

Our clients have faced a significant increase in workload due to various regulatory drivers, aging infrastructure, natural disaster recovery, and customer-focused capital and operational challenges. As a result, many are turning to program management experts to help deliver and improve these new plans. Our approach provides governance outcomes that result in consistency and efficiency while allowing innovative ideas to be tested and incorporated into the delivery process.