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PTAC Units: Commercial Solar Air Conditioning

Powered by UV Solar – Qualifies For Energy Credits

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PTAC Units for Solar Air Conditioning and Heating Using UV Solar

Finally an energy efficient PTAC unit that not only heats and cools but also qualifies for the latest Federal Energy Credits. For any apartment owner in New York dealing with the mandated energy upgrades detailed in Local Law 97  or a multi-housing and apartment landlord in California also required to upgrade to energy efficient tenant improvements or face stiff penalties according to Title 24.  These penalties will impact every landlord on both coasts. Apartments have been in great demand recently and should continue to be.

Save up to 70% with our patent pending UV-P-Tac Units in your apartment building, condominiums, hotels or motels. 

PTAC Unit Solar Power AC Applications

The Modern Thermal Design patented PTAC Units are not only for air conditioning but also heating. Each unit is designed to provide both heating and cooling powered by a bank of UV Solar Panels on the roof of the building. The number of panels is determined by the demand load and number of apartments or condos being serviced.

These units are perfect for many various applications but perfect and in high demand with Apartment Building Owners, Condominium Developments, Hotels new or old and Motels. As there are minimum building requirements these PTAC units are perfect for older buildings where a complete energy conversion would require a major remodel.

UV Solar Power AC Units Work Even on Cloudy Days

One of the of wavelengths that isn’t visible to us is ultraviolet (UV) light. Approximately 4% of sunlight that reaches the ground–and your solar panels–is ultraviolet. UV light contains photons that solar panels transform into energy. In fact, because of its higher wavelength, UV light even contains more energy per photon than visible light. The UV solar panels that can be attached to our solar air conditioning system continue to produce with cloudy skies and even snow flurries.

MTD – PTAC UV Powered Stats

MTD – PTAC UV Powered Stats