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Commercial High Efficiency Gas Boilers

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If you are the facilities manager with aging boilers, you may consider upgrading your current equipment to a High-Efficiency Commercial Gas Boiler. These new high efficiency boilers have incorporated some incredible innovations and enhancements to make them quieter and more efficient, with fewer moving parts and the cost savings are remarkable.  If parts and maintenance costs continue to rise on aging and worn units then the decision is clear. Replace your boilers and get a nice tax credit from the feds as these boilers qualify.

High-efficiency commercial gas boilers provide more efficient heating. They also create fewer emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. Creating a comfortable workplace for employees and contractors and achievable with the installation of new high-efficiency boilers.

How Do High Efficiency Gas Boilers Work?

High-efficiency gas boilers work similarly to standard boilers with one main exception. That exception is that the high-efficiency boiler uses waste gases. The waste gases will be pushed to one of two places with a high-efficiency boiler. Those two places are:

  • a larger heat exchanger to seize more useful heat gases before they are released.
  • Sends those waste gases to a second heat exchanger that aims this heat energy to the water inside the boiler. The heated water provides heat and hot water.

How is Efficiency Measured?

When the Sellers high efficiency boilers are used in conjunction with the MTD 250 UV thermal solar panels , the end result is you get a solar boiler running from the sun (free fuel) to supplement the Sellers innovative and high efficiency boilers. Savings can be as high as 98%.

Our engineers will perform  a feasibility audit on your current system to establish a baseline of potential savings when you combine our UV solar panels to the Sellers boiler, in essence creating your own Solar Boiler.

Renewable Tax Benefits are also available when you combine the Energy efficient boiler wit a solar component. In fact, when combined the tax credits plus the savings in fuel result in a payback of under 10-years which should be reason enough alone to upgrade any inefficient system you now have.

Benefits of a High Efficiency Commercial Gas Boiler

If you are looking at getting a new boiler or furnace, a high-efficiency boiler will not only keep you warmer than the old one, it will provide other benefits as well. Those benefits include:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • It does not require a traditional chimney as the waste gas is much cooler
  • Lower emissions, smaller carbon footprint
  • There are possible tax breaks for energy star boilers

High Efficiency Gas Boilers From the Leader In The Industry

Modern Thermal Designs offers the innovative Sellers boiler. It is a fire tube boiler that was designed to heat water. What makes this so innovative is the design of where the energy is distributed at the point of combustion.

Using this innovative design the boiler does not need a turnaround chamber. It reduces the amount of fuel needed and eliminates thermal shock.

What the Sellers boiler offer:

  • Gets rid of thermal shock.
  • Accomplishes full-volume vapor from a chilly initiation in less than 20 minutes. Reduces time and energy lost to extended warm-up phases.
  • Does away with reversal compartment joint malfunction and refractory upkeep.
  • Improve safety by delivering energy evenly at the position of ignition and using a rear release gate.
  • Regulate using Siemens state of the art LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System.
  • Benefit from reduced cost of possession and a long, useful boiler life. A 20-year compression bowl warranty and five-year burner warranty.

This system provides many advantages. If you are unsure if one of these will work for your needs contact us.

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