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Industrial Natural Gas Turbine Power Systems

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What is a Natural Gas Turbine Power System?

Natural Gas Turbine Power Systems by Modern Thermal Design are a proven solution to the energy creation problem. The strategic use of natural gas turbine power generation systems is currently altering the the potential ROI expectations across multiple applications up to 25 MW. Our extensive inventory are all powered by a variety of fuels including syngas flare-gas of minimal quality. Our industrial natural gas turbine units can be found in a variety of ideal applications including landfills, industrial parks, ag-business, mining, factories, manufacturing, oil and gas processing, wastewater and more.

MTD’s in-house engineering teams work closely with those from Cai3 which manufacture and and make the Spirit™ line of power generation packages available to the MTD global client base.  Our Turbine Power Systems are one of the most cost-competitive solutions in the market today. They are efficient, reliable,  that can also be utilized to generate a maximum level steam that can be used for both cooling as well as heating and cooling applications. They are easy to install with a plug-n-play simplicity and assist any business in scaling up as needed. 

MTD Power Generation Systems Applications

Features and Benefits of Natural Gas Turbine Power:

  • Plug-n-Play Modular Set-up
    Easy and low-cost shipping with rapid installation and commissioning
  • Operates on a Variety of Fuels
    Our flexible systems operate on many types of liquid and gaseous fuels, such as: LPG, Syngas, LNG, Bio-Diesel, Flare Gas,  Diesel #2,  Low BTU Gas,  Natural Gas, and Associated Petroleum Gas, 
  • Co & Tri Generation 
    Maximum fuel efficiency that exceeds the requirements for any thermal for power requirements optimizing all customer operating tools to provide additional cost savings. 
  • Long Intervals Between Maintenance Cycles
    All Turbine Units are workhorses that run 24/7, provide high reliability with increased uptime and reduced OPEX/lifecycle cost
  • Code Compliance
    Customizable to meet ATEX (Class I, Div. I/II, NEC (Zone 1/2)
6 Megawatt Power Plant On An Offshore Oil Rig

Customization for Industrial Solutions

The Spirit™ power generation systems can be modified for the following industrial processes for additional cost-efficiency and optimization:

  • Simple Cycle
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Tri-Generation: Power, Heating, and Cooling
  • On-grid, distributed generation, or island mode

MTD Offers:

  • “Turn-Key” Services: All engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning, and customer training under one roof.
  • Wide expertise in all power and process-related engineering disciplines with diverse project portfolios.
  • Three decades of successful experience working with small and large domestic and international client bases

EPC Providers:

MTD is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Provider.  Our abilities combined with our elite manufacturing partners have built numerous power projects from beginning to a successful conclusion or to use engineering vocabulary “greenfield” to “turn-key”. Our complete range of capabilities become a tremendous bonus for all our client companies.