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Modern Thermal Design and all of its operating subsidiaries believe in a “Net Zero” solution and an unwavering commitment to long-lasting and responsible climate change. Our ongoing research and development in the area of renewable energy remain our focus for responsible solutions for ourselves and our global client base.

Rebecca (Becca) Selkirk

Managing Director & CFO

Rebecca serves as the Managing Director and CFO of MTD, the parent company, and CEO and CFO of various MTD operating subsidiaries. Becca wears many hats in our organization, including the architect of all strategic growth initiatives and research and development efforts. Her ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously has assisted MTD in becoming one of the largest sustainability providers in the country and one of the top innovators in an industry that is changing the world.

Rebecca began her career in healthcare, managing various radiology departments in Indiana and Ohio. However, growing up on a farm, she returned to those roots when she and her husband purchased a farm and fertilizer manufacturing company specializing in organic products. This working farm provides great enjoyment following the hectic schedule of a busy executive.

Becca has a seat on the International Carbon Exchange (ICX) and is one of their top traders acquiring Carbon Credits for MTD’s large and growing client base. In addition, her leadership skills and passion for protecting the environment have made MTD one of the world’s most sought-after sustainability advisors and product engineers.

Dave Crawmer

VP Financial Management / Managing Partner

Dave has an extensive background in senior management with a Fortune 50 company (American Express Company – 25 years) and a mid-sized company (Allied Services of America – 2 years).

However, its Dave’s experience in start-up operations for these companies and owning and operating his own small businesses that makes him particularly valuable to the formation and formal business direction of Modern Thermal Design.

He set up an automated data capture system in Salt Lake City, Utah, a data entry operation in Monterrey, Mexico, a FastSigns franchise in Atlanta, Georgia, and a real estate investment and property management company in Grayson, Georgia. Dave’s business acumen, start-up experience and operational savvy make him a perfect fit for the Managing partner role.

W.R. (Bill) Selkirk

VP Engineering & Project Management / Partner

Bill began his career as an energy engineer for Cox Manufacturing, where he designed high-quality furnaces and radiant tubes. Later he was hired by the 10th largest company in the United States and rose to V.P. He developed new processes to improve the quality and speed of production. He also was appointed to OSHA VPP Regional Member under Sec. of Labor, Elizabeth Dole. His work in risk management was also recognized as one of the ‘TOP 10’ best Risk Managers in the USA by Risk and Insurance Journal in 1992.

Bill is an active and full member of the American Chemical Society, Certified Plant Engineers, American Society of Hospital Engineers, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has degrees from Indiana University (IUPUI) and a master’s and doctorate from PWU (Miramar) in thermodynamic chemistry.

Bill’s specialty is designing off-the-grid power plants for medium to large corporations., and is Technical VP for C-PACE Financial, Inc. Thus, being able to assess the risks and benefits of using C-PACE financing for major projects, from $500,000 to $50-Millon in scope.

Don Crawmer

Vice President / Partner

Don has 40 years experience with industrial facility management, overseeing the operation of large steam plants and hot water boiler systems. His experience also includes the design and implementation of multiple successful energy efficiency projects.

Dons work in energy efficiency led to a passion for solar thermal technology. This passion further led to his development of the SunQuest 250 Solar Thermal panel, a high output device designed for commercial, industrial and institutional usage, Don received a US Patent on this device in 2015.

His experience in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing, Product Development and Facility Management gives Don a solid foundation for business.

He is also a Grant Writer and has written and been awarded SBIR Grants, REAP Grants, Energy Grants, and many others. Specialties: Renewable Energy, Solar Thermal Design and Application, Energy Efficiency, Steam and Hot Water Boiler Systems Management, Grant Writing

Charlie Slavik

VP Institutional Sales / Media Relations / Partner

In addition to his senior management background in the radio and TV industry, Charlie’s extensive marketing background includes working with every size client from “mom & pop’s” to Pepsi Cola USA, Wendy’s International and Anheuser-Busch.

In a true entrepreneurial fashion Charlie has been involved in numerous successful start-ups. His understanding of early-stage direct sales and vertical market concentration is vital to building a base of high-profile customers. Getting it done on a limited budget without sacrificing the quality of the presentation make Charlie a perfect fit to lead the Company’s marketing and sales development and expansion.

As the partner overseeing Operations, Charlie is responsible for the day to day operations of the company’s activities at corporate headquarters in Indianapolis and reports to the Managing Partners and the Board of Directors on key corporate policy development and enforcement.