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Commercial Solar Powered Atmospheric Water Generator for Sale

Create Up To 10,000 Gallons of Fresh Drinking Water From The Air We Breathe

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Water is now becoming one of the most valuable and needed commodities we know of. The recent heat wave has stretched water resources to their limit. What would happen if we had the technology to convert the air we breathe and have a lot of into fresh drinking water? We all need clean water to survive. Some places get more water than others. How do we get the water we need? It comes from the water cycle. The water cycle is this, water from streams, rivers, ponds, and the ocean evaporates into the atmosphere. There it makes rain clouds. Once the rain clouds are complete and the temperature changes, the clouds empty in the form of rainwater.  But what about those places where it rains less and is drought prone? Atmospheric water generation technology can provide them with the water they need to survive.

How Do We Create Water From Air?

Air to Water Technology is a way to use a machine (Atmospheric Water Generator) to collect water from the air and make it clean, pure drinking water. It works in much the same way as nature makes rain. It starts by pulling the moisture (humidity) from the air. It then runs that water through a set of filters. When finished, you have clean drinking water.

Four filters provide clean water. Those filters include:

  • Air filter eliminates anti scalene and dust bits
  • Water dust filter takes out external particles, including air-borne sediments
  • Pre carbon water filter takes out all known impurities
  • ozone filter is 3000 times more potent than chlorine for disinfection
An Atmospheric Water Generator is different than a dehumidifier. The main difference is the AWG will make pure drinking water where the dehumidifier does not.

How Atmospheric Water Generation Works

There are two ways an atmospheric water generator will extract and clean the water. They are:

  • Desiccants – use salt as a saltwater solution to capture the humidity. It then filters it for drinking.
  • Cooling – condensation works by a compressor distributing the water through a condenser while the evaporator coils cool the surrounding air.

Are there other ways to save water from the atmosphere? Yes, water storage towers can catch and hold rainwater. That water is sent through filtration depending on the use. If it is for drinking, it will go through filtration, but if it is used for irrigation, it will not have to be filtered as much. The problem here is that this only works in areas that rain more than three to five days a year.

How much water can be made with an atmospheric water generator?

The amount of water you can create from air to water depends on the system. Modern Thermal Design has units that produce eight to 60,000 gallons a day. You can even combine their solar panels for energy to make water from the air. Contact Us Today.

For those who live in drought-prone areas, this type of technology and equipment can save their lives, and livestock and help grow food. It is a good thing to be independent when it comes to water.