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Commercial Waste Heat Recovery Turbines

Convert Low Temperature and Wasted Heat Into Clean Electricity – We Also Have a New Line of Hybrid Turbines Using Hydrogen or Natural Gas

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What is a waste heat recovery turbine?

A waste heat recovery turbine, also known as a waste-to-heat energy turbine or a waste-to-energy turbine, is a technology used to convert waste materials into energy in the form of heat and electricity. It works by using high-temperature steam produced by burning waste materials, such as municipal solid waste, biomass, or industrial waste, to power a turbine and generate electricity.

The process begins with the collection and processing of waste materials, which are then fed into a combustion chamber. The waste is burned at high temperatures, which produces steam. This steam is then used to power a turbine, which generates electricity. The exhaust steam is then condensed and the heat energy is used for district heating or industrial processes.

When to use waste-to-heat technology

The Power+ Generator, our heat-to-power solution, is designed to generate clean electricity from sources of low-temperature heat. The Power+ Generator also doubles as a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, generating up to 185 F of usable thermal energy in addition to electricity.

Currently available in 65 kW and 200 kW sizes, the Power+ Generator is ideal for small to mid-scale applications. With a 300 kW size in development coupled with the units’ scalable design, any size operation now has the ability to upcycle its waste heat into usable power. The Power+ Generator comes either as a standalone unit or a system package. For projects with easy access to hot water – such as engine jacket water, boiler systems, or geothermal sources – a standalone unit may be all you need. For larger applications utilizing higher temperature heat, we provide fully-packaged system options.

How waste heat recovery works

There are a few ways to use the heat recovered. They include:

  • Cogeneration
  • Waste heat to electricity
  • Greenhouses


Cogeneration uses both heat and electricity for useful chores. It makes use of some or all of the waste heat produced. It can potentially reach an 80% efficiency.

Waste heat to electricity

There are several ways to change a temperature difference into electrical energy. One way is to use a thermoelectric device which changes the temperature over a semiconductor material that creates voltage. That voltages causes electricity to flow.


Waste heat can heat greenhouses in colder climates.

Waste heat recovery turbine systems

  • Regenerative and recuperative burners
  • Economisers
  • Waste heat boilers
  • Air preheaters
  • Recuperators
  • Regenerators
  • Rotary regenerators
  • Run around coil
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Heat pipe systems
  • Pulsating heat pipes
  • Heat recovery steam generator
  • Thermodynamic cycles used for waste heat recovery
  • Organic rankine cycle (waste heat turbines)
  • Kalina cycle
  • Heat pump
  • Direct electrical conversion devices
  • Thermoelectric generation
  • Piezoelectric power generation
  • Thermionic generator
  • Thermo photo voltaic generator

Benefits of heat waste to power

There are a few benefits of turning heat waste to power. These include:

Economic benefits

The economic benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption and costs
  • Reduced transportation expenses
  • Reduced operating and maintenance expenses
  • Strengthens the economic field of utility companies
  • Preserves high-value jobs

Environmental and health benefits

The environmental and health benefits include:

  • Emissions free
  • Utilizes waste heat for harvesting more energy per unit of fuel
  • Reduces total pollutant and emissions making it, so companies can meet future regulations for air quality
  • Reduction of emissions improves the health and welfare of the population so health care costs less for the whole community

Energy security

Creates power from waste heat and reduces downtime for companies.

  • Reduces cost of energy purchased by creating it onsite
  • On site, power will continue to operate even during a grid failure

Modern Thermal Design

Modern Thermal Design offers waste heat turbines that offer 65kw to 200kw. This system converts low temperature and waste heat as low as 185 F into clean electricity. By using hot water as fuel it gives you the following:
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower to no emissions
  • Increased power output
  • Net zero cooling
  • Flare elimination

This unit doubles as combined heat and power unit.

Modern Thermal Design also offers Hybrid Turbines-hydrogen and natural gas.  Hydrogen equipment is moving to the lead of not only carbon neutrality but a totally carbon-free civilization. Call us at 317-934-5702 with questions or to find out if this is the right technology for your business.