'Control Your Energy Destiny or Someone Else Will.'

Solar America Made for Large Industrial and Commercial Projects

“Control Your Energy Destiny, Or Someone Else Will.”

The Largest American Made Solar & Renewable Energy Product Line in the U.S.

Solar America made solutions for large industrial and commercial projects. Energy cost continues to spiral upward, compelling every large and small business to consider alternatives. Modern Thermal Design has the technical expertise and real-time experience to manage any commercial, industrial, institutional, or government sustainability project. With over 30 years experience we specialize in large projects starting at $100,000 up to $20,000,000. Our engineering and auditing personnel will thoroughly evaluate your property and energy usage, identify peak and off-peak hours and design an American-made solar  system customized to your business. With significant experience in virtually every industry, including Fortune 500 companies, we make it easy for you to get started with the ideal commercial solar installation, High-Efficiency Boilers, Thermal Solar, Biogas Systems, and many other renewable energy products for your business and budget. Modern Thermal Design specializes in installing large and complex commercial made-in-America solar panels for businesses, these could be solar photovoltaic and UV hot water solar or a combination of the two.

Talk to us to learn if commercial solar power or any of our energy-saving products are a good option for your business and sustainability efforts.

What Are Your Sustainability Goals?

Sustainability is one of the terms most used in the board rooms and break rooms of corporate America. Finding ways for every factory, office building, theme park, museum, or school district to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption and be responsible with the resources we have is vital. Federal tax credits as incentive for corporations to take action now have seen a significant uptick in new renewable energy projects.  If you are the Sustainability Officer in your company, if you buy American Made Solar equipment the incentives are even higher. As important as it is to make changes in your organization, making the wrong choice in vendors could be a disaster. At  MTD we believe there are many ways to achieve zero footprints and not all of them include a solar addition. The time-sensitive government incentives are significant at the moment and compelling to include in your own sustainability strategy. Using MDT which is a proud Solar America-made company and involved in some of the most high-profile and demanding projects, is the best place to start. Contact us at 317-934-5702.

Up to 30% federal tax credit.

Government Incentives and Federal Tax Credit

Aside from the environmental and business side of the benefits, business owners can get up to 30% of the cost of their commercial solar installation back through a federal tax credit. That means if it costs you $100,000 in commercial solar installation, you could get up to $30,000 back in federal tax credits in the first year alone. This big incentive for business owners to invest in solar is a big part of why commercial solar has recently seen a boom. There are additional tax benefits when your solar equipment is manufactured in the United States. Modern Thermal Design has a complete line of Solar America Solutions and is proud of our manufacturing innovation right here at home.

What Commercial Solar & Renewable Energy Can Do For Your Business

If you’re still not convinced about what commercial solar power systems can do for your business, here are more reasons how you can stand to benefit:

No More Fluctuating Energy Bills

Electricity rates tend to go up over time. This is something that you can’t control and will definitely have an impact on your business, especially if your business relies heavily on energy. With commercial solar, your business will be generating its own power which means that you can say goodbye to those fluctuating energy bills. You can expect to pay less for your energy needs and have more money to reinvest in your business compared to when you’re using traditional energy sources.

Reduced Carbon Footprint and Contribution to a Cleaner Environment

Achieve a business free from environmental guilt by having commercial solar panels installed in your business. Solar power is a sustainable and renewable energy source which means that it doesn’t produce harmful emissions that can damage the environment. You can be proud to know that your business is doing its part in saving the planet and making it a cleaner place for future generations.

Generate and Store Power

One of the benefits of commercial power is that you’re able to generate and store power for future use. This means that even if there’s a power outage, your business can still continue operating as usual without relying on the grid. This is a great advantage, especially for businesses that require a constant power supply like hospitals and schools as well as manufacturing and industrial businesses. When MTD offers their complete line of Solar America Solutions you are in good hands.ct, rest assured that MTD will bring over 100-years of combined experience to your project.

Low Operation Costs

One of the most common misconceptions about solar power is that it’s expensive to maintain. The truth is, commercial solar requires very little maintenance and has low operating costs. It also increases the value of the property, making it a wise investment not only for the present but also for the future.

Modern Thermal Design Line Card of Products and Services

  • SunQuest 250™: Best in class, US Patented high-output evacuated tube solar thermal panels powered by UV rays that provide outstanding performance on cloudy days.
  • PV Solar Panels: Highest quality 650W Canadian, German, Swiss or Israeli made.
  • LED Lighting: Top quality indoor/outdoor commercial units.
  • Solar UV A/C-Heat Split Units: .75-to-2.0-ton cooling with heat split.
  • Chiller Flow Valves: Installed at each air handler; up to 60% electrical savings per chiller.
  • ORC Waste Heat Turbines: Utilizing waste heat to create free electricity.
  • Micro-Turbines: 75, 150, 200 and 250kW; steam, natural gas, propane, hydrogen or biogas.
  • MW Turbines: 1-16 MW models; steam, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, kerosene or biogas.
  • Absorption Chillers: Powered by waste heat or turbines listed above.
  • Thermal Ice Storage: Makes ice in off-peak nighttime hours for daytime cooling.
  • Thermal Heat Storage: Stores waste heat for process, DHW or space heating.
  • Linear Generators: 250kW high efficiency natural gas units, ITC /IRA compliant.
  • Digesters: Onsite biogas production from waste-to-power turbines or linear gensets.
  • High-Efficiency Boilers: Steam or hot water; combine with solar thermal for as a tax credit renewable.
  • Air-to-Water Technology: Converts humidity to sterile water; great for humid locations.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells: 150-500kW units; powered by hydrogen gas or methane/water mixture.
  • Hydrogen Electrolyzer: Produces up to 270kg of Hydrogen per unit, per day.
  • EV-H2 Combination Refueling Stations: US Patent Pending; 100% carbon free (individual EV or H2 units also available).
  • Energy and Carbon Audits: Complete carbon footprint analysis with recommended,
  • Feasibility Study: Follows audits with recommended MTD in-house solutions including fully engineered and stamped drawings.
  • Commercial Loans and Leasing: For renewable projects as well as other equipment needs.
  • C-PACE Financing: Available in 39 states. Treated as an asset improvement with no debt on balance sheet. Lender is paid via tax assessment that remains with the property regardless of ownership changes.
  • PPA: Power Purchase Agreement. Projects are completed and maintained at no cost to customers. Customer pays a substantially reduced rate for energy for the length of the contract