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Modern Thermal Design is a recognized leader in renewable energy and large complex commercial and industrial applications. With a combined experience of over 100 years, our focus is on all forms of renewable energy and thermal designs. As a company, we are honored to call some of the most recognized brands in the world friends and associates. As engineers, we realize that when we can execute an outstanding ROI for you, this is also reducing your carbon footprint.

The MDT Companies

The Need For Energy Efficiencies Now

According to industry statistics, 20%  to 50% of industrial energy is lost in wasted heat from hot exhaust gases, cooling water, and heat lost from hot equipment surfaces. As the industrial sector improves its energy efficiency, recovering waste heat losses generates cost savings, reduces environmental impact, and improves workflow and productivity.

Numerous technologies are commercially available for waste heat recovery. Many industrial facilities have upgraded or are improving their energy productivity by installing these technologies. These technologies, however, are not being pursued to the fullest extent possible due to several barriers, such as material constraints and more significant maintenance costs.

Carbon Credits

We are fortunate to have a top CTX Carbon Credit Trader on staff. Most of our clients have aggressive climate goals and sustainability initiatives in place. We purchase carbon offset credits for them and are then able to sell the credits when their energy reduction measures are complete.

Sample Carbon Credit Certificate

Financing Availability

Our unique position in the industry has allowed us to align ourselves with some of the top finance companies in the country.

We have a complete portfolio of financing options for our clients including both capital and operating leases, and expert knowledge of C-PACE financing which is currently available in 30-States with others working to go online soon. 

All of our finance options offer funding for 100% of the project costs including many of the soft costs included.

We work closely with the CEO,  CFO, and Treasury Department of many large Fortune 500 companies and are able to accommodate their unique funding requirements.

We Represent These Top Manufacturers

Modern Thermal Design manufactures most of its own energy-saving products and is proud to manufacture all of them in the U.S.A Only. We are fortunate to work with some of the top brands in the energy space. These companies represent innovation, hard work, quality, value, and, more importantly, world-class customer service. MTD is pleased to partner with these great companies on local, national, and international projects.