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Hydrogen EV Charging Stations

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Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a chemical element that is more abundant on the earth than any other. The latest estimates indicate that more than 75% of the earth’s mass is made up of hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms are found in water, plants, animals, and of course over 10 Billion people that inhabit this earth.

A concept metaphorically depicting hydrogen as an ecological energy source in the form of a pond in the middle of a virgin jungle. 3d rendering.
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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Hydrogen combined with fuel cells are an ideal solution to many power shortages or power related issues. Hydrogen fuel cells can be used across many and varied applications including providing power to buildings, trucks, cars, backup power systems and even powering portable electronics. One critical benefit of fuel cells is that they operate independent of the power grid making them ideal for data centers, hospitals, emergency response centers, telecommunications towers and any application that requires a steady flow of power to maintain life and operations.

Hydrogen Powered EV Stations

Modern Thermal Design believes that a nationwide roll-out of carbon-free, 100% enviro-friendly charging stations is the next generation of innovation for EV Chargers. Traditional charging stations that need to connect to the power grid are seeing 1 to 2-year delays. Independent, off-grid charging stations are the future of EV Charging across the U.S. and abroad. Clean energy, Abundant Energy, Cost Effective, and available anywhere.


1000's Of Potential Applications

Our off the power grid solutions are ideal to meet the increasing demand for on the road charging at hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, movie theaters, sports stadiums, apartments and condominiums, grocery stores, museums, theme parks, rural locations, airports.

There are very few limitations on locations that can support our Hydrogen powered EV Charging stations. For a free quote or to speak with our experts just completed the form above of contact us directly at 317-934-5702