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Solar Buyers Beware!

SOLAR BUYERS BEWARE! With the recent government incentives to promote renewable energy, the solar industry has seen a significant increase in the number of new contractors and companies entering the market. Unfortunately, many new players are unskilled, inexperienced, and focused on making a quick profit rather than providing quality solutions to their customers. As a result, solar energy has become one of the most oversold products in the renewable energy industry, with many companies promising unrealistic returns on investment and exaggerating the benefits of their products. Unfortunately, with the generous government subsidies available, it’s easy to get caught up in the process and pay more attention to the credit than the actual performance.

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What Return On Investment Can I Realistically Expect?

When investing in solar energy, it’s essential to have realistic expectations about the potential return on investment (ROI). Solar energy can significantly save energy costs and provide many years of service, the actual results will vary depending on many factors, such as the system’s size, proper engineering for the application, installation cost, location, and a dozen other factors.

To ensure that you are getting the promised results, we suggest you begin with a vendor with experience with your type of business and build a reputation for successful installations. They should also have the integrity and experience and expertise to provide you with accurate and realistic estimates of the potential savings and ROI. Our engineering team works closely with your facilities manager and in-house staff to understand your specific energy needs and help you choose the right solar system, energy-saving products, or solution to the spiraling costs.

Why Should I Choose To Install Solar Panels?

There are many reasons to choose to install solar panels, including:

  • Reducing energy costs:  The cost of powering a manufacturing operation or warehouse is out of control. Therefore, solar is always a wise course for small, medium, or large businesses.
  • Improving sustainability: Hundreds of influential organizations in the US and the world have all made very public statements about achieving aggressive sustainability goals. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that can help your business reduce its carbon footprint and improve its overall sustainability.
  • Increasing property value: Installing solar panels can increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.
  • Government incentives: The government provides a 30% subsidy from the Inflation Reduction Act to promote the use of renewable energy, which can further reduce the upfront costs and increase the ROI.

At MTD, we understand the importance of choosing the proper energy-saving or energy-producing product to meet or exceed your consumption needs. We are fortunate to have a fantastic team of professionals, from engineers to consultants to contractors and designers. All of our professional resources will work closely with you and your entire senior management team to understand your energy needs and help you choose the best solar system for your business.

How Else Can I Make My Business More Energy Efficient?

In addition to installing solar panels, there are many other ways to make your business more energy efficient. These include:

  • Lighting upgrades: Replacing old, inefficient lighting with LED or other energy-efficient options can significantly reduce energy costs.
  • HVAC upgrades: Replacing old, inefficient HVAC systems with newer, more energy-efficient models can significantly reduce energy costs.
  • Building insulation: Improving your facility’s insulation can help keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer, reducing energy costs.
  • Energy management systems: Installing energy management systems can help you monitor and control energy use, allowing you to identify and address areas of inefficiency.
  • EV Charging stations: EV Charging stations can help you reduce your carbon footprint and attract environmentally conscious customers.
  • Hi-efficiency boilers powered by UV solar
  • Many types of hydrogen applications, including fuel cells, generators, and electrolyzer
  • Thermal storage for heat and cooling
  • Steam turbines, Linear Generators, and waste-to-heat turbines
  • And so much more

At MTD, we offer a wide range of products and services to help businesses become more energy efficient. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and help you choose the best solutions for your business.

Investing in solar energy is wise for any business looking to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. Still, we also offer a range of other solutions to help your business become more energy efficient.

Quality Matters

At MTD, we understand the importance of providing our customers with high-quality, reliable solutions tailored to their needs. Unlike many “quick buck” sales agencies, we have a proven track record of providing top-of-the-line products and services to our customers. Thus the warning of solar buyers beware and do your homework before committing too anything that sounds too good to be true.

As the best provider of renewable energy products in the world, we offer a wide variety of solutions to fit the unique needs of any building or facility. Our product offerings include solar panels, waste heat turbines, geothermal systems, energy storage systems, and more.

We also understand that energy management is not a “one size fits all” solution. That’s why we offer a wide range of products and services to meet the specific needs of manufacturers, warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, and other facilities.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. For example, over 500 US companies made public statements about their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by 2030, but many are falling behind schedule. Our teams have been instrumental in getting many fortune 500 companies back on track.

MTD offers a free review of any renewable energy or energy-saving proposal to help companies get back on track. In addition, we offer a variety of EV Charging Station solutions suitable for both home and commercial use.

At MTD, we aim to provide our customers with the best solutions for their energy needs. Therefore, we do not promise unrealistic returns or exaggerate the benefits of our products. Instead, we work with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide them with solutions to achieve their sustainability goals and save money on energy costs.

Suppose you’re considering investing in solar energy or other renewable energy solutions. In that case, we encourage you to research and choose a reputable company like MTD with the experience and expertise to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Don’t fall victim to the “quick buck” sales agencies more interested in making a profit than providing quality solutions to their customers. Instead, trust the experts at MTD to help you achieve your sustainability goals and save money on energy costs.